How to Maintain a Spiral Slicer


One of the most typically utilized equipment in the kitchen is the vegetable spiralizer. A wide array of vegetables such as zucchini, squash and cucumber can be sliced in new different manner in just a couple of seconds with the use of a vegetable spiralizer. Considering the fact that a vegetable spiralizer would cost not more than 50 dollars, it is making its presence progressively more valuable to the kitchens over the globe.

As true for any kinds of food preparation instruments, it is vital to make certain that the Vegetable Spiralizer is cleaned and must be kept in a great condition at all times. The vegetable handle, holder, slicing blades, catch container as well as the main unit that holds all of these parts together must be maintained very well. And a decaying piece of produce that is stuck in any of these parts will definitely be hazardous to our health.

The vegetable spiralizer just the same with the other kitchen tools is mainly created from a plastic. And this has both pros and cons. If the vegetable spiralizer drops off the kitchen table or platform, it can have cracks. And cracks can also take place if it is used under a high pressure. A couple of users in their voyage to churn our beautifully long strands from the vegetable spiralizer apply a great amount of pressure or even rotate the handle at a high speed. And this can make the entire unit unstable which could lead to breakage or fall. On the other hand, since it is created from plastic, then it is just so easy to clean with.

The outer part of the vegetable spiralizer can be cleaned with the use of a wet cloth. In addition, mild soaps can also be utilized so as to gently clean the slicer. Be sure to keep it under a running warm water in order to clean every corner and nook of the tool. Check that there are no food pieces left inside the spiralizer. The slicing blades must be cleaned with a wet cloth and then dry them with a dry ones. Unclean low quality blades or spiralizer blades that are left wet for a long time can develop rust. The blades must be handled carefully as you clean them. In addition, the vegetable spiralizers like what Paderno World Cuisine uses can last for how many years if they are kept clean and used very well.


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